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IPM solutions are very specific to each person's situation. Often, people in your area experience the same problems with a plant or pest that you do; more so than somebody in a different area. To be the most useful, the information provided needs to be written and used by locals.

If you are not local to this community, it would be most beneficial for you and your community to start your own wiki site. This can be easily done by simply pressing the button below and giving your new site a name. It's free! All pages and information from this site will be copied to your site, ready to be revised and tailored to your community!


  • The new site will have only one member, you.
  • You must rally your community members to join.
  • You will be the new site's master admin.
  • Your new site will start out as private which means you must change it to be public in the administrative options page.
You should be logged in to clone a site.
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